"Painting is the way I communicate and speak my thoughts."

My paintings are always based on “Major Minor” thinking

Here’s what “Major Minor” is about. The major notes in music are generally uplifting (expanding) while minor notes create tension (contracting). I apply that same principle to my paintings. It’s the dichotomy between what brings me comfort (Major) and what brings me tension and alertness (Minor) in my paintings. It’s a tool that I use that helps me to understand what I choose to say with my art.  

An example of “Major Minor” thinking is my paintintg tiled “Major Minor 1”. The “Minor” tension of the rain and lighting leads to the “Major”uplifting sunny garden. The “Minor” hole in the rock with the distant island shows that, although we may seem separate and alone, we ultimately all flow into the same waters. All ends well on a “Major” note.

An example of “Major” only thinking is my painting titled “Contemplating the important things in life” which depicts a dog focused on a ball. The “Major” uplifting thinking is about finding the true essence of what is important in life. To the dog it is his ball.

Painting is the way I communicate and speak my thoughts. And I use "Major Minor" thinking to express and compose those thoughts on my canvas.

On a side note, recently I've expanded into Surrealism and Magic Realism to express this way of thought.

PA Margis